The Witching Hour

by Doctor Smoke

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pinkelephants Doctor Smoke sounds like what might have happened if Dave Mustaine had gone on to back Ozzy rather than starting Megadeth. "The Witching Hour" is a fun album, but the production and the songwriting are a bit monotonous, making the tracks better suited for party mixes. I bet they're one helluva live act, though. Highlight track: "From Hell," with that killer sax solo! Favorite track: From Hell.
William Ring
William Ring thumbnail
William Ring One of the most capable bits of Black Sabbath worship I've ever heard. This one is going to get a lot of replay from me. Favorite track: The Toll.
Misfit1969 thumbnail
Misfit1969 Good hard rock with kool vocals. I really like this album. Put it on in the car and it has yet to come out, the Dr. is always in. Good stuff from Ohio! Favorite track: The Seeker.
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released November 28, 2014


All music and lyrics written and performed by Doctor Smoke

Matt Tluchowski - Lead vocals/Guitar
Steve Lehocky - Lead Guitar
Cody Cooke - Bass/Vocals
Dave Trikones - Drums

Drums and bass recorded December 2013 at The Bombshelter - Nashville, TN
Engineered by Andrija Tokic and Jason Blackburn

Guitars and vocals recorded August-September 2014
Engineered by Steve Lehocky and Matt Tluchowski

Mixed by Steve Lehocky

Mastered by Gus Elg at Sky Onion - Portland, OR

Saxophone on “From Hell” performed by Mitchell Lawrence

Artwork by Katie Umhoefer -

Layout by Casket Vex Design -



all rights reserved


Doctor Smoke Ohio

Doctor Smoke was formed in 2012 and plays their own blend of heavy metal tied together by lyrical themes of horror and the supernatural.

Their debut album “The Witching Hour” was released in November 2014 through French indie label Totem Cat Records and a cassette version was also released through Urtod Void Records.

The band is currently preparing material for its sophomore album.
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Track Name: The Willow
Withered hands grasp an empty hour glass
The sands of time have passed you by
Do not be afraid of the end, I pray it’s but a transitory phase

Behold! The moment of transformation
Take part in the reversal of your creation
Shed life to be born again
Scattered ashes like dust in the wind

As the willow weeps the hand of death creeps
Into your chest and steals your breath
Final exhale takes you beyond the veil
Enter thee and become free
Track Name: Blood and Whiskey
I’ve been missing, but I’m coming home
It’s been a hundred years, it’s been too long
I’ve been sleeping under the ground
By the devil my chains have been unbound

Under the moonlight
Awaken and arise
With Lucifer, my friend
I’ve come to kill again

This type of living is so funereal
that sometimes I forget how to feel
I live in darkness out of the light
Yeah, I only come out at night

I’m always drinking blood and whiskey
and I’m always drinking all alone
And if you see me comin’ you’re gonna feel my bite
Yeah you won’t get out of this alive, alright
Track Name: Evil Man
When I was a young man I often traveled to the sea
To where the crashing ocean waves and sandy shores meet
I envisioned tidal waves to wash my soul away
To take me from the earth and send me to my grave
You see, I've never really been glad to be alive
Never been comfortable in my skin, though I've tried
I tried to bond with others and tried to keep good company
But no one wants to be with a miserable wretch like me
I'm a tortured man but I am what I am

And as I grew older my heart burned with scorn
And hatred for the world to which I'd rather not been born
I turned to the bottle to try and numb my soul
To numb my mind and unwind this mortal coil
I wondered what it'd be like to take away a life
To look a man in the eyes as his beating heart dies
Would I feel Better or would I be lonesome still?
These are the thoughts that drove me to kill
I'm an evil man but I am what I am

And so I stalked the streets for many nights
I fired many bullets and plunged many knives
Fueled by misery, alcohol and drugs
They've helped me to find my one true love
But now I hear those sirens call
It seems the time has come to take the fall
They're gonna throw me in a cold gray cell
To finally put a seal on this living hell
Lock the door and throw the key away
Leave me by myself to rot away
To count the days ‘til I will be put to death and finally be free

Now I am an old man that's soon to be dead
I stand here and listen to the words a preacher man says
And there stands an executioner with a rope in his hands
To hang me from the neck 'cause my soul has been damned
I'm an evil man but I am what I am
Track Name: The Toll
Stand at the crossroads
Night wind blows through your hair
Your blood it runs cold
You've summoned evil here

You rolled the dice, will you pay the price and sign away your life?
I know it's cruel, but you know the rules
Soon he'll be calling for you...

Pay the toll, sell your soul

Your days are numbered
Now you're just living to die
For all of your dirty pleasures
Your sins rot you from inside

But you knew the price when you rolled the dice and signed away your life
I know it’s cruel, but you know the rules
Soon he’ll be calling for you
Calling for you...

Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide
It's much too late, there's no escape

Satan he owns you
His hell hounds are on your trail
They'll drag you to your grave
And send you to burn in hell
But you knew the price when you rolled the dice and signed away your life
I know it’s cruel, but you know the rules
Soon he’ll be calling for you

Pay the toll, sell your soul
Track Name: Faces in the Fog
hear the clock strike midnight
black cats howl and scream
Let us gather and join hands
to summon spirits of the damned

see the faces in the fog
haunted voices echo on
calling from beyond the grave
come to me, i'll guide the way

incense smokes and candles burn
invokes lost souls to return
an open portal to the other side
dark spirits flood our world tonight

channel your energies into me, i will be a host
know that i do not fear, you are the puppeteers
my masters, pull my strings
come forth you horrible things
enter our world tonight and join us by candle light

the witching hour draws near
i summon thee to appear
i will my flesh to be yours
as the ectoplasm spills forth
Track Name: From Hell
take a look inside my cold and empty eyes
gaze into the horrors of my mind
driven by your screams
demons haunt my dreams
and death's my only friend

feel the kiss of my blade
master and it's slave
wicked and impure

and from your grave, no, you can't be saved
it's your blood that i crave
and in the dark, i will leave my mark upon your ivory skin

feel the kiss of my blade
master and it's slave
wicked and impure
and i know i’ll die alone, but this knife is all that i need
and my whole world turns bloody red

in darkness shrouded, in crimson bathed
watch as i play my little games
enmity is my legacy
reeking of misanthropy

and you'll find me lurking
behind every door and every corner you turn
bastard son of man
catch me if you can, but no one knows who i am
Track Name: The Seeker
in his hand he holds the key to open gateways in his mind
wizard's scepter smokes and steams
slowly dissolving space and time

break through to the aether
ascended mind gives way
beheld to the seeker
ancient cosmic mysteries

his mind is reeling as he's soaring upon chemical wings
to the unknown he will ride
he has come seeking the answers to the questions that have vexed him
where we're going when we die

floating in the astral plane
out of body, beyond his name
majestic entity, being of light
burns like fire, burns so bright

break through to the aether
shake hands with the reaper
beheld to the seeker
ancient cosmic mysteries
Track Name: This Final Hour
in this final hour i look to the moon
and feel it grow inside, impending doom
the faster i run, the closer it gets
you'll find me in the end full of regret

my fate i can't choose, guess i was born to lose
with a heart of black and the devil on my back
ooh baby, i'm feelin' low
there's just no tellin' where i will go when i'm six feet below

death hangs in the air and i can't breathe
wind howling my name through the trees
all i've known, this flesh and bone
torn away and cast to the unkNown

now i'm running out of time
all my memories align
life flashes before my eyes
and to this world i say goodbye
Track Name: Permanent Night
brought to kneel before the altar
an ancient curse controls your mind
the witch's spell that you're under
holds you captive in the eyes of evil

now you're taken by the darkness
the light inside flickers and dies
and brings permanent night

made to speak the incantation
to chant the cursed words aloud
don't you know you've been forsaken?
your soul's been sold, there's no way out

now you're taken by the darkness
the light inside flickers and dies
now you're taken by the darkness
into permanent night
there is no light

feel the darkness swell
drags your soul to hell
where the master dwells

now you kneel before the altar
evil eyes control your mind
now it's clear you've been forsaken
your soul's been sold to the night
and there's no light